What We Do?

We specialise in HVAC, Refrigeration, Medium and Low Voltage Installations, APPLIANCES and Plumbing

Electrical Services

Be Kool Electricals specialises in Medium and Low Voltage Electrical Installations, Maintenance and Repairs. Our range of services includes but are not limited to;

  • Designing, Maintenance, Commissioning
  • Costing and Estimating
  • Tracing, Diagnosis and Rectification of Faults
  • Transmission, Protection and Distribution
  • Conveyor, Milling, Crusher, Floatation and PLC Knowledge Systems
  • Mining, Industrial and Domestic Wiring
  • Substations and Switch Gear

Air Conditioning

We Install, Maintain, Repairs and Supply complete products and accessories for HVAC, Air Conditioning, Chillers and Refrigeration Systems and Appliances for Mining, Substations, Server Rooms, Offices, Industrial and Residential Requirements.


We Service, Repair and Supply Spares and Accessories for Stoves, Washing Machines, Dish Washers, Food Warmers, Grillers to mention a few.

Heating Systems

We Supply, Install, Maintain and Repair all Electrical and Solar Heating Systems.

Water Purification

We Supply, Install, Maintain and Repair all types of Water Purification Systems.


We take care of all your Plumbing Requirements be they Slab Tubing, Drain Laying, Pipe Fitting, Pressure Pumps to mention a few.